I've watched The Secret, and I've read the book – why haven't I got all the (insert what you desire) I want?

by Diane Ellis

I don't know if you were like me. After watching The Secret, I raced out and bought the book and read that. Then I concentrated as hard as I could on getting money in the door. I even made sure to take time out each day to be thankful.

I had some little successes – now most of my mail was either cash coming in (all small amounts) or advertising – less bills. But none of it was enough to quit the job, and that's most definitely what I had asked for!

So, over a period of weeks, I just started dropping off, getting less and less focused. I'd have a burst of concentration for two or three days in a row, and then when nothing happened immediately, my focus would drift off again.

Well – I'm here to tell you that The Secret can work!

No – I'm not a millionaire, but I think I have discovered what the problem was before with what I was doing. I came to the realisation after two small losses, about a month apart.

For my birthday last year, my brother had bought me a beautiful windsock which hangs on our front balcony, right where I can see it when I'm sitting having a cup of tea. It's about 5 feet long and has beautiful brilliant colours. I love that windsock (I'm a bit of a weather fan), and I was horrified to get up one morning and notice immediately that it wasn't there. We had had an extremely windy day the day before (one of those days where you have to stack and move all the garden furniture so it doesn't fly away), and the wind had remained high throughout the night.

We live on 30 acres, and I immediately searched high and low for the windsock, even craning up at all the trees to see whether the wind had blown it up high and it had been caught in some branches. The windsock is so bright and colourful, I wouldn't have been able to miss it, but there was no sight of it. I was heartbroken. Then I remembered The Secret. I did a little meditation and I insisted that the wind that had taken my windsock away had to bring it back the same way. I would expect to find it the next morning.

Now the keyword here is insist – I wouldn't take no for an answer. Even though my logical brain told me that it wasn't possible for the wind to blow the windsock back to me, I treasured that thing so much that I refused to see reason. I focused again on my windsock just before going to sleep, and reiterated my thought that it had better be there in the morning or else!

And it was – lying in the middle of the driveway as if it had never been away.

Well – that got me focused back on trying to get The Secret to give me the lifestyle I wanted. So I started in on my meditations again, but I still didn't get anywhere.....so the Universe gave me another shove!!

For Christmas, I lashed out and bought some beautiful cascading orchids for my Aunt and cousin. I bought the plants when they were very small (about 4 inches high), and put them into lovely hanging baskets. I hung these on my balcony and cared for them until Christmas Day, when my Aunt and cousin would be visiting.

Now, we also feed birds on the balcony – white faced doves and king parrots. They are usually very well behaved, but I noticed one afternoon that I seemed to have a hanging basket with nothing in it. Sure enough, when I went over and checked, there was nothing but orchid mix in the pot. One of the birds must have pulled it out and thrown it over the balcony. I looked down at the ground below the balcony (about 15 feet down), and shook my head. The area below our balcony is a rather messy area covered in creeper vines, ferns, and long native grasses. Imagine trying to find a 4 inch tiny orchid in all that!

But I tried anyway. I searched the area for over 2 hours, to no avail. It was too close to Christmas for me to get another plant, and I was frantic. Then I remembered the windsock. So – I decided to try the same approach. I did a meditation and insisted that the orchid be brought back to me by the following morning. And I didn't want it in the middle of the driveway (too exposed for such a small plant). I wanted it directly beneath the pot from which it came, and I didn't want to have to look too hard for it.

I again repeated my pleas before I went to sleep. When I got up in the morning, I went straight downstairs and then outside to look for the orchid. I found it within 30 seconds!

As I was re-potting the orchid, I thought about what I had done differently to get those 2 items back, as opposed to what I had been doing when focusing on money and lifestyle. And the answer just jumped out at me. I refused to contemplate failure. Even though my rational mind, in both instances, told me that what I wanted wasn't possible, I stubbornly refused to listen to it.

That doesn't mean nagging doubts didn't creep in – they did. I just shut them up straight away by saying to myself (rather like a spoilt child) – well I don't care – that's what I want and that's what I am going to get.

So, I am all revitalised now and am going to use this approach to safeguard our financial freedom and security!

Diane Ellis is one of the authors of www.AttractLikeMagic.com

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