The 3 Step Success Formula For Helping Others

by: William Winch

The formula for success is not complicated. Get things done (that relate to your goals) by either doing them yourself, getting help, or helping others. Doing things yourself will get the job done the way you want it done, but the price to pay is your valuable time. You can only become as successful as your time allows. Most of those who have achieved outstanding success have done so by expanding their efforts through others. That means they didn't do everything themselves. Giving help is a concept that is often overlooked. Although it may not seem like it in theory, you do become successful by helping others. Employees become successful when they help the company or their bosses. This works the same for the home based business owner who is his or her own boss already. I've narrowed this down to 3 simple rules. Follow them, and you're on your way to success.

1. Remove All Negative Thought

Clear your mind of jealousy, envy and fear that others will get ahead of you and reach your goals first. The worst that can happen if they do is that they will take you along with them. Don't be envious of someone if they seem above you. Help them achieve and that same work ethic will rub off on the people you signed up into your business. You wouldn't want a friend to move forward and leave you behind just because you let your jealousy keep you at a distance. Your interest in helping them, however, must be genuine. To achieve a sincere attitude in helping others, do not use your own selfish gain as a driving force. I know this may not seem possible since your ultimate goal is for you, yourself, to succeed, but when you focus on people instead of money or position, your goals will begin to follow you. Also, do not help someone just because you think they will do something for you. You always want to take responsibility and credit for all that you do, and not depend on someone else.

2. Expect Other People To Be Successful

A doctor who expects his/her patients to survive has a higher survival rate than doctors who take a pessimistic approach to practicing medicine. The coach who expects his team to win has a better season than the coach who doesn't believe in his/her players. Are you getting the picture? We ultimately achieve and acquire all that we focus on, and if you want people to succeed then you will untilmately succeed with them. If you focus on how difficult a person is to work with, you'll never make enough money to pay your bills. Your attitude comes across on the phone and to the people you speak with. These are the people who will make or break your business and your goals. Always hold in your mind the worthwhile characteristics of an individual and treat them accordingly. Always focus on what they can do. People will remember you for always complimenting them and they will think of you when it comes time to advance ahead.

3. Become A Talent Scout

Give encouragement to the people around you. Compliments will stimulate them to keep moving forward and make the best possible use of their talents. Always pointing out a person's fault will ultimately make them feel as though they are always making mistakes, and they may give up. You don't want to be the person they blame their failures for. Instead, be the person who helped them build a successful life. I had a job once where a co-worker only talked to me when he wanted to point out small mistakes I was making. He never offered one word of encouragement. When I was promoted to a manager and was asked to choose someone to assist me in my new position, you can be sure that I did not choose him. My decision was not made out of spite, but because I knew I did not want to work with someone who had a negative attitude to bring me down with. Be a talent scout and put your discoveries into words of encouragement. People will remember you for it.

These rules and concepts of helping others ultimately boil down to one thing. You must acquire the attitude of believing in others and have faith and confidence in their characteristics. If you do this, people will return the gift ten-fold, and they will enrich your life with friendship, joy, recognition and priceless contributions to your own success and happiness.

About The Author

William Winch is a Business Growth Specialist who's mission is helping people expand and explode their home-based businesses without breaking the bank. A former High School and College Business Educator and Counselor, he writes and practices the art and science of mentoring from his home office in Rochester, NY. You can contact William by visiting his website at or by calling him directly at (585) 234-5283.

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