Henry Thomas Hamblin - 2 Great Titles

"The Power of Thought" and "Within You Is The Power"

Henry Thomas Hamblin was born in London in 1873. Born into a poor family, he was determined to emerge from the rut which everyone was destined to fall into without being able to afford proper schooling and training. After a difficult start working in various jobs and being in debt he decided to become an Optician. Despite lack of money and poor prospects, his determination won him through and he qualified. He was first and foremost a successful business man. But far from making him happy, his success gave him a growing sense of depression. It was as if something lay inside him that had not yet found a voice.

All through his life Hamblin had experienced visionary experiences where he came in contact with a Divine Presence : " ... It is not possible to describe such an experience," he wrote. " All care, anxiety and fear vanished, and I felt that I was cradled in Divine Love.... The deep peace of the Eternal flowed through me like a river; yet at the same time it was as though I was being carried along on a stream of Divine Bliss..." Henry Thomas Hamblin

Yet, at the height of his success, not only did these visions stop, but he became haunted by night terrors. Night after night he would waken to the feeling that he was in hell. And the sense of wrong in him deepened, until finally he was forced to give up his business and retire to the country. The nightmares stopped immediately.

But the sudden and unexpected death of his ten-year-old-son was to affect him more than his nocturnal experiences. He realised that none of his worldly success had made him happy. This time he knew he had to give that unexpressed part of him a voice.

Although he had been brought up in a very religious family, he hadn't found any of the answers he wanted in the church. He realised that, rather than following any creed or dogma which didn't work for him anyway, he had to look within himself.

Once again, he made contact with the 'Presence'. And realised it held the key to the peace he was searching for. All the time his search was leading him nearer to discovering the way his thoughts affected his performance and outlook.

It was around the early1920's that he began to write. The words seemed to flow from him. He found writing clarified his thoughts. One of his first books written in this new phase of his career was Within You Is The Power, which was to sell over 200,00 copies. The Power of Thought followed soon after.

Soon after this Hamblin was to set up a magazine based on the principle of Applied Right Thinking, The Science of Thought Review. Again he wasn't discouraged by the fact that he had no experience of editing or publishing. His experience had taught him that if the mind worked in harmony with the Divine, then everything you needed flowed towards you.


"The Power of Thought" Summary

The Power of Thought

As Hamblin himself says in the introduction to this book "You are the architect of your own life: it is yours to make or to mar. By the power of thoughts you are building; are you building aright? The power of thought ....is a spiritual power. It is the greatest power that man has at his disposal. The world today is in its present state simply as a result of mankind's collective thinking; each nation is in its present state of either peace and prosperity, or poverty, murder and anarchy, simply as a result of its thinking as a nation; and each individual is what he is, and his life is what it is, and his circumstances are what they are, simply as results of his thoughts.

What a man thinks, he becomes; what a man thinks is the mainspring of all his actions; what a man thinks attracts to him his circumstances and environment; what a man thinks determines what type of friends and companions will gather around him; what a man thinks decides whether he shall be happy or miserable, successful or unsuccessful, healthy or unhealthy, prosperous or poverty-stricken, hated or loved. What a man thinks either builds up his character or pulls it down. What a man thinks can overcome fate or strengthen it, can bring him into alignment with his glorious destiny, or make him an outcast and a wanderer in desert places".

Hamblin believes that the universe is orderly, but that we are unhappy or unwell, poor or angry because we are not in harmony with universal laws. He believes that it is not necessary for the universe to be altered; what is needed is that we ourselves should be changed. Within ourselves is the cause of the disorder in our own individual world - for we each live in a little world of our own creation -  therefore, the disorder and trouble that afflicts us, or the lack that restricts our life, can never be overcome except by a change of mind, habit of thought, and mental attitude.

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"Within You Is The Power" Summary

Within You Is The Power

Hamblin believes that there is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to higher and better things. "There is in man a greater Self, that transcends the finite self of the sense-man, even as the mountain towers above the plain".

Hamblin explains the reason for the book in his Introduction. "While this little work does not offer any vain promises of an easy life - for, if this were possible, it would be the greatest of all disasters - but rather endeavours to show how to become so strong that life looks almost easy by comparison (the life or fate does not change or become easier, but the individual alters and becomes stronger), yet, it does show the reader how to avoid making his life more difficult than it need be.  Most people's lives would be less filled with trouble and suffering if they took life in the right spirit and acted in harmony with Universal Law".

He looks at cause and effect, fate versus free will, and demonstrates how to overcome life's difficulties. Thought and it's effect on health and prosperity are examined, and Hamblin lets us into the secret of abundant supply. And finally, he teaches us how to overcome our limitations and awaken our inner powers.

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What You'll Learn in "The Power of Thought"

In The Power of Thought, Hamblin discusses how our mind works. He explains that there is the conscious mind and there is the subconscious mind. The conscious mind gathers knowledge and experience through the senses while the subconscious mind is the mind of action. And although we do not yet understand the possibilities available to us through the subconscious, we know enough about its manner of working to enable us to control it, and by controlling it, we control our actions, and by controlling our actions we shape our life, and overcome what is called fate.

He goes on to point out though, that even though the subconscious is wonderfully intelligent and possessed of such extraordinary powers, it acts entirely upon suggestion. That is to say, it follows blindly and faithfully the thoughts that are sent down into it. Whatever we think becomes sooner or later translated into action; and as upon our actions our life depends, it is possible by thought-control to govern our life. For by controlling our thoughts we govern our actions; by governing our actions we mould our life and circumstances, thus shaping our fate.

Like many in the New Thought movement, Hamblin firmly believes that life is not a matter of chance or luck; it is not something out of our control; it is largely the result or effect of our thoughts. Therefore, he says, "by controlling our thoughts - and this, thank God, can be done - we can govern and direct our life to an almost unbelievable extent".

The Power of Thought

He discusses two old proverbs which are well known and often quoted, but whose profound psychological importance is not perhaps fully appreciated. They are these: "Birds of a feather flock together" and "You can tell a man's character by the company he keeps". The source of this attraction (the company we keep) is largely in a man's thought. He goes on to say that we also create for ourselves an atmosphere, either attractive or repellent. This atmosphere, aura or personal magnetism either attracts people and opportunities, or drives them away. In order to create or develop an attractive atmosphere we must feel goodwill towards those whom we meet, we must be anxious to serve and help, and we must think the right thoughts.

They key to controlling our thoughts Hamblin referred to as RIGHT THINKING. Most of us, according to Hamblin, are wrong thinkers. Not because we want to be, but largely due to ignorance or lack of knowledge. He gives an example of a poor man who starves to death. The poor man has no food or sustenance, and dies within a few days of not eating. However, he compares this to a celebrated case of a minister in ill health who fasts for 40 days, eating no food, and who lives. And he not only lives, but his health improves! The difference between the two men, Hamblin points out, was their thoughts. The poor man expected to die because he had no food, and he did. His fear killed him. The minister expected his health to improve because he had no food, and it did! His faith improved his health. But they both did the same thing! It was their fears, hopes and thoughts that were different.

He also notes that there is a lot of ignorance about our ability to change our thoughts. Many believe it cannot be done. But Hamblin notes "we all of us change the subject of conversation when it becomes distasteful to us, but how many of us change the subject of our thoughts in the same deliberate manner, by the exercise of our will? Yet it can be done, almost as easily, if we will only DO IT, instead of thinking and saying that it cannot be done".

He notes that "what we call right thinking is not merely thinking positive thoughts in place of negative ones. It is this and a great deal more. It consists in thinking positive thoughts in place of negative ones, together with a call to high heaven for help". He gives the following example of how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones:

Negative Thought

  • Life is evil and cruel. 
  • What terrible thing or evil is it that may affect me at any moment? 
  • Failure, bankruptcy, loss of employment, work-house, disease, accidents, operation, hospital, bereavement?

Positive Thought or Affirmation

  • Life is good and is always striving to bring to me the highest good.
  • No evil can come nigh me: nothing can hurt or destroy.
  • The Divine blessing rests on all my affairs, the blessing that maketh rich and addeth no sorrow.
  • The life of God fills me with health, strength and joy of living.

Hamblin advises us to meet our difficulties and challenges head on, and not to hide from them. He despairs at people who push away negative thoughts without addressing them. "If, for instance, we do not overcome life's difficulties in our thoughts, then we can never overcome them in actual experience. By this I mean that our difficulties must be boldly met and conquered in thought, if ever we are to hope to overcome them actually. In a way it is good advice to tell people not to dwell upon their woes but to think of pleasant things instead, but it is liable to lead to a habit of thought almost as destructive as brooding over trouble. This negative application of what is meant to be good advice is responsible for the failure of those who say: "I have tried right- thinking, but it makes no difference."

Henry Thomas Hamblin

The reason "it makes no difference" is that it is not right-thinking at all, but actually a form of wrong-thinking. Such people say: "I never indulge in wrong thoughts about my troubles, I refuse to think about them." Just so, and it is here where the whole trouble lies. Most people run away from wrong thoughts (such as fear of poverty, fear of ill health), rather than facing them head on. He tells us that we must first overcome in our thoughts, and then we can overcome in life.

He does not want us to brood over these things, or to worry about them, but instead of avoiding the issue, whenever the thought of the impending trouble or difficulty rises into consciousness, we should meet it boldly, affirming our ability to overcome it and be victorious. He recommends using a counter thought or affirmation such as "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me, therefore I will go right through this trouble in the power of Christ which is mine to use now and always" while at the same time picturing yourself going through this difficulty with a push, being carried along by invisible powers. For those who are not religious, he recommends merely repeating the words: Success, victory, overcoming; at the same time picturing yourself going through this trouble or difficulty triumphantly, sustained and strengthened by powers you do not understand, but which well up within you.

Meeting thoughts of failure, difficulty or fear in this way has an effect upon the subconscious mind. It receives a definite lead and realises what is expected of it. And it obeys!

In order to to bring ourselves into alignment with the Universal Laws, we must think and act every day according to its underlying principle or law of co-operation and helpful service. Our first thought in every circumstance of life should be, not "what can I get out of it?", but" how much can I help?". Hamblin believes the more helpful we are, the more indispensable we become, therefore, the greater the reward, as a rule.

Hamblin advises us that we cannot become adepts in right thinking and thought-control all at once. We all have to grow from small beginnings, gradually increasing in strength and stature. In other words, we all have to make a start in an apparently small and humble way.

He finishes by saying "We must never pray for tasks equal to our strength, but rather for strength equal to our tasks. It is we who have to be changed, not our circumstances. We have to overcome our circumstances and limitations, by growing beyond them".


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What You'll Learn in "Within You is The Power"

In the preface to this book, Hamblin tells us that there is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to higher and better things. That power is being able to control his thoughts. As Hamblin says:

"To all I would say that they possess the Power by which they can overcome all their difficulties, and, through overcoming, attain wisdom.  A man's success depends, more than anything, upon his faith - his faith in the good purpose of life:  his faith in the Power of the Infinite within him and his ability to overcome every obstacle in his path".

The extent of the Power that someone can bring into their life is their degree of faith in that Power.  If your faith in it is small, then your life will be feeble and lacking in achievement.  If your faith in the Power within is large, then great will be the power manifesting in your life.  The Power of the Infinite is unlimited and inexhaustible:  all that is required is an unquenchable belief and trust in it.  The weakest and most timid can make use of this Power.  There is the same Power in the timid and weak as in the brave and strong. Within you is the Power

On success and achievement, he counsels us that success is the achievement of something worth while, that shall make the world better and richer, and add something to the common good. Success is not the accumulation of wealth and the winning of fame - it is to serve and give, rather than to grab and take. He continues though "do not imagine, however, that it is the Will of the Universal Mind that man should be a failure or lacking in achievement.  Far from it, for we have only to contemplate the Universe to see that the Infinite Mind is for ever achieving and that it never fails.  Man, too, must succeed, but let him mix wisdom with his ambition, and work for the benefit of the Whole, rather than for any purely selfish purpose".

According to Hamblin, the real root cause of all unhappiness, disharmony and ill-health is spiritual, and not merely mental or physical.  The latter are contributory causes, but the former is the fundamental cause.  Spiritual disharmony is, in reality, the cause of all ill-health and disease.  Until spiritual harmony is restored, man is a kingdom divided against itself. So long as we hate our brother, or fear what tomorrow may bring forth, or worry about the things of this life, we can never be well.  When, however, we have become attuned to the Divine Harmony, and have learnt to control our thoughts and emotions and to transmute fleshly and material desires into loving service, a state of wholeness is the inevitable result.  Old, deeply-seated disorders die away, and a steady improvement in the state of health takes its place.

On wealth and poverty Hamblin says the only Reality is infinite perfection and wholeness, therefore there cannot be any lack at all (in reality).  The obvious lack and poverty that we see around us are the product of the human mind.  Those who live in a consciousness of poverty and lack, go through life closely fettered by limitation.  They can never escape from poverty, it dogs their footsteps like their shadow.  In fact, it is a shadow or reflection in the outer life of their state of mind and mental attitude. However he advises us that the hoarding of wealth is just as unnecessary as poverty.  They are both based upon a fundamental error.  This error is in thinking that all supply, being material, must necessarily have a material source: that it is limited in quantity, and therefore must be grabbed at and fought over.  The truth is, of course, that the source of supply is Spiritual, and therefore without limit; consequently, one who realizes the truth has no thoughts of poverty or lack, and ceases to fear it.

According to Hamblin, people hanker after wealth because they fear poverty with a deadly fear and long for wealth because they think that its possession would release them from their fears.  When, however, they know the truth, they also know that their wants will always be supplied, therefore they no longer desire wealth and its cares and responsibilities.

He counsels us to to think and act as though sufficiency were already ours.  Not to spend money that we cannot afford to spend, nor to incur debt, but to live mentally in an atmosphere of abundant supply.  We have to remember that the change in consciousness must take place first and become well-established, before its effects can be seen to manifest in the outer life.

When once you realize that there is unlimited abundance in which you can share:  when once you learn to live in the consciousness of this abundance, at the same time living within your present income and doing your present work as well as it is possible for it to be done, you have set out on the path to affluence.  One who realizes and really believes that there is abundance and plenty for him, puts into operation a powerful law which will surely bring opportunity to him, sooner or later.  Many, however, ruin their hopes by not knowing that for a time they must live a kind of double life.  They must be opulent in consciousness, but careful and thrifty in actual practice.

Hamblin warns us though against seeking abundance for abundance sake. "While in its essence, the Source of Supply is spiritual, it comes to us through material channels, and, in order to have a share in it, it is necessary to earn it.  We have to give something in exchange for what we draw from life in the way of supply.  We must give in order to receive, and what we give must be something that the world wants or needs".

He also teaches us how to tap into our subconscious, by explaining very simply how to do it. He explains that most of our actions or movements are done or made sub-consciously. The reason that "practice makes perfect" is that the sub-conscious mind learns to do the task, and, by so doing, takes it off our hands. Like learning to drive a car, at first, great concentration is required. But, after a time, driving becomes almost automatic - you don't need to think hard about what you are doing - the subcoscious takes over!

It is necessary, however, to give the sub-conscious every available information, for it possesses no inspiration or super-human wisdom, but works out logically, according to the facts supplied to it. When a problem is passed on to the sub-conscious to be worked out, the subject must be dismissed entirely from the conscious mind.  The problem must not be worried over, nor the thoughts allowed to dwell upon it; it must be left entirely to the sub-conscious.  Second, every possible detail and information connected with the problem must be grasped by the conscious mind, and the whole matter, pro and con, visualized before being passed to the sub-conscious.

A good way of starting the use of the sub-conscious mind is to hold the problem in the mind just as one is going to sleep.  There must not, upon any account, be any attempt made to solve the problem or to worry over it.  Instead, the main facts of the case, on both sides, must be marshalled, and the case presented to the sub-conscious mind in much the same way as you would place it before your lawyer.  Having done this, dismiss the whole matter to your sub-conscious mind, and in most cases you will find in the morning that a solution has been arrived at without any effort or fatigue on your part.

He finishes by encouraging us to constantly endeavour to serve and bless others, then, because you do not seek them, crowds of blessings will come into your life unbidden, great happiness being one of the chief.


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James Allen Pack

Hamblin's books are eminently practical, and a pleasure to read. He explains concepts (which most of us have heard many times over) in new and simple ways that leave us with one of those "Ah Ha!" moments.

For me, one of those was the admonition to be opulent in consciousness, but careful and thrifty in actual practice. Most other authors recommend living the dream as if you actually had achieved it, but that is not always possible. Here is a statement that resonates truth!

And there is plenty more truth in these two books. Why not try them today?

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