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We are pleased to bring you 3 of William Walker Atkinson's best titles in our Atkinson Pack. We have Dynamic Thought, Mind Power and Thought Vibration, surely 3 of Atkinson's best works.

william walker atkinson pack

William Walker Atkinson was a very important and influential figure in the early days of the New Thought Movement. Whilst he gained much material success in his original profession as a lawyer, the stress and over-strain eventually took its toll, and he experienced a complete physical and mental breakdown and financial disaster. He looked for healing and in the late 1880's he found it with New Thought. From mental and physical wreck and financial ruin, he wrought, through its principles, perfect health, mental vigor and material prosperity.

Atkinson wrote a great many books on New Thought as well as nearly a hundred books with many other pseudonyms including Theodore Sheldon, Theron Q.Dumont, Yogi Ramacharaka, Swami Panchadasi, The Three Initiates, Magus Incognitus and probably others not identified at present.

This brilliant pack is made up of 3 great titles:

  • Dynamic Thought: the foundation book explaining Life and Mind, Substance and the Great Cosmic Mind.
  • Mind Power: essentially an extensive course in the understanding and use of Mind for attraction, healing, influencing and ....
  • Thought Vibration: which discusses some of the greatest barriers to achieving what we want, and shows us how to overcome these.

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Dynamic Thought

dynamic thought

Dynamic Thought was written in 1906 (a year before The Secret of Success which is available free in our Members Only area). In his foreward, Atkinson himself claims "This is a queer book. It is a marriage of the Ancient Occult Teachings to the latest and most advanced conceptions of Modern Science".

According to Atkinson "the Occultists usually get at the "facts" first, but they manage to evolve such outrageous theories to explain the facts, that the world will have none of their wares, and turns to Science for something "reasonable". Science, proceeding along different lines, at first denies these "facts" of the Occultists, not finding them accounted for by any of her existing theories; but, later on, when the "facts" have been finally thrust under her eyes, after repeated attempts and failures, she says, "Oh, yes, of course!" and proceeds to evolve a new theory, welding it with other scientific hypotheses, and after attaching a new label thereto, she proudly exhibits the thing as "the latest discovery of Modern Science" and smiles indulgently, or indignantly, when the theory of the old Occultists is mentioned, saying, "Quite a different thing, we assure you!". And yet, in all justice, be it said, Science usually proceeds to find much better "proofs" to fit the "facts" of Occultism than did the Occultists themselves".


In this book, Atkinson uses scientific theories to "prove" that there is life in everything in the Universe. And where there is Life there is Mind! And he goes on to prove that all Force and Motion is manifested by Mind. He holds that "all forms of Force, Energy and Motion, from the Attraction of the Particles of Matter, and their movements in response thereto, up to the Attraction of Gravitation, and the response of the Worlds, and Suns, and Stars, and Planets, thereto are forms of Mental Energy and Force, and Action. And that from the tiniest atom, or particle, to the greatest Sun all obey this Great Action of Mind, this Great Force of Mind, this Great Energy of Mind, this Great Power of Mind" and he calls this theory "The Theory of Dynamic Thought".

For those of you with a more left brained leaning, this book is utterly fascinating! From complex life forms to the simplest atom and electron, Atkinson explains simply how they all exhibit life and mind. And he also explains that we are all made up of the same basic building blocks - just different arrangements of them! As he states in this book "All the material of the physical bodies, of men, animals and plants, are but forms of Plasm. The animals, and man, obtain their nourishment, directly or indirectly, from the plant body, and so at the last we are seen to draw from the soil, air and water all our bodily nourishment, which we convert into bodily structure, bone, muscle, flesh, blood, veins, tissue, cells, etc. And the chemical atoms of our bodies are identical with those in the rock, the air, the water. And so you see the universality of Substance and its countless forms and appearances".

He goes on to postulate that "It means that the finest particles of Gold, Silver, Iron, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and all the rest of the Elements, are composed of identically the same material, and exhibit no differences in "kind". The Elements are no longer "Simple". All Substance is One, at the last analysis!".

The book also examines Aristotle's theory of a "Universal Ether", which, according to Atkinson "cannot be known "of itself", but may only be recognized as existent by the "things" for which it acts as a medium or transmitting agent. It must convey Energy and Motion, yet it must not take up any part of either from the Matter in its midst. It must not absorb any of the Heat, Light or Electricity. It must fill up the spaces between the worlds, as well as the most minute space between the Molecules, Atoms and Corpuscles, or any other minute particle of Substance, either known by name to Science now or which may be discovered or imagined later as a necessity of some conception regarding the nature of Substance. In short, The Universal Ether, in order to do the things attributed to it, must be more solid than Solids; more Vapor-like and Gas-like than Vapor or Gas; more fluid than Fluids; infinitely less rigid than steel, and yet infinitely stronger than the strongest steel. It must be a substance having the qualities of a vacuum. It must be continuous and not composed of Particles, Atoms or Molecules. It must be an "everything" in some respects, and yet a "nothing" in others".

In explaining how atoms and particles exhibit a "liking" for other atoms or particles (and a dislike for others!), Atkinson explains that these minds are in communication, and are attracted (or repelled) due to the similarity or disparity of their thoughts.

He goes on to say "the Individual Mind of Man is in direct touch, not only with the great Cosmic Mind, but also with the Individual Mind of every other Man. Just as the Particles are bound by lines of Attraction, so are the Minds of Men bound together by lines of Mind, or Mental filaments. And just as special forms of Attraction exist between the Particles, so do special forms of Attraction exist between Men. And just as Particles are influenced at a distance by other Particles, so are Men influenced at a distance by other Men. And just as the Particle draws toward itself that which it Desires, so do Men draw toward themselves that which they Desire. And just as Mental-States and "Excitement" are transmitted, or communicated from Particle to Particle, so are Mental States or "Excitement" transmitted or communicated from Men to Men".

In closing, Atkinson briefly introduces the Law of Attraction and it's relation to Dynamic Thought: "it is simply that the Law of Attraction is in full operation, and that people of similar thoughts are drawn together by reason thereof. The workings of this Law are somewhat intricate, but all of us are constantly using them, consciously or unconsciously. We draw to ourselves that which we Desire very much, or that which we Fear very much, for a Fear is a Belief, and acts in the direction of actualizing itself, sometimes. But, again, as Kipling would say: "But, that's another story". This phase of the subject is a mighty subject in itself, and "the half has not been told", even by the many who have written of it. The writer intends to try to remedy the deficiency in his next book, however". That next book is Mind Power.

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Thought Vibration

Have you ever read one of those books where, about two thirds of the way through, you don't want it to end? That's how I felt about Thought Vibration. In this book Atrkinson discusses some of the greatest barriers to achieving what we want, and shows us how to overcome these.

Thought Vibration

Eminently readable and with easy to grasp concepts, this is a book you will want to read again and again.

Areas covered include:

  • Willpower

    According to Atkinson, one of the greatest barriers to achieving our dreams is lack of willpower. As he says "The trouble with us is that we do not want to do the thing enough to make us exert our will Power. We don't want to hard enough . We are mentally lazy and of weak Desire. .... That is the trouble. Let a man be in danger of losing his life - let a woman be in danger of losing a great love - and you will witness a startling exhibition of Will Power from an unexpected source. Let a woman's child be threatened with danger, and she will manifest a degree of Courage and Will that sweep all before it..... If you really want to do a thing very much, you can usually develop the Will Power to accomplish it. The trouble is that you have not really wanted to do these things, and yet you blame your Will. You say that you do want to do it, but if you stop to think you will see that you really want to do something else more than the thing in question. You are not willing to pay the price of attainment".

    He goes on to say that we are mentally lazy - that's the trouble. We have a great storehouse of Will awaiting our use, but are too lazy to use it. He exhorts us to get to work and first find out what we really want to do - then start to work and do it. Never mind about the Will Power - we'll find a full supply of that whenever we need it. The thing to do is to get to the point where we resolve to do. That's the real test - the resolving.

  • Fear

    Atkinson states that the best way to overcome the habit of Fear is to assume the mental attitude of Courage, just as the best way to get rid of darkness is to let in the light. It is a waste of time to fight a negative thought-habit by recognizing its force and trying to deny it out of existence by mighty efforts. The best, surest, easiest and quickest method is to assume the existence of the positive thought desired in its place; and by constantly dwelling upon the positive thought, manifest it into objective reality. He urges us to let the word "Courage" sink deeply into our mind, and then hold it firmly there until the mind fastens it in place. Think of yourself as being Courageous - see yourself as acting with Courage in trying situations. Realize that there is nothing to Fear - that Worry and Fear never helped anyone, and never will. Realize that Fear paralyzes effort, and that Courage promotes activity.

    He gives us an affirmation to use to fight fear - "I Can and I WILL". Atkinson advises us to "Let your prevailing thought be "I Can and I Will"; think "I Can and I Will"; dream "I Can and I Will"; say "I Can and I Will"; and act "I Can and I Will". Live on the "I Can and I Will" plane, and before you are aware of it you will feel the new vibrations manifesting themselves in action; will see them bring results; will be conscious of the new point of view; will realize that your own is coming to you. You will feel better, act better, see better, BE better in every way, after you join the "I Can and I Will" brigade".

  • Worry

    Atkinson states that some people fear that without worry they would not accomplish anything, as worry motivates us to do things. But as he says "The motive underlying action and "doing things" is Desire and Interest. If one earnestly desires a thing, he naturally becomes very much interested in its accomplishment, and is quick to seize upon anything likely to help him to gain the thing he wants. More than that, his mind starts up a work on the subconscious plane that brings into the field of consciousness many ideas of value and importance. Desire and Interest are the causes that result in success. Worry is not Desire....Worry never accomplished anything. Worry is negative and death producing. Desire and Ambition are positive and life producing. A man may worry himself to death and yet nothing will be accomplished, but let that man transmute his worry and discontent into Desire and Interest, coupled with a belief that he is able to make the change - the "I Can and I Will" idea - then something happens".

  • Desire

    To Atkinson, Desire is the fundamental to achieving what we want. To succeed in anything you must want it very much - Desire must be in evidence in order to attract. The man of weak desires attracts very little to himself. The stronger the Desire the greater the force set into motion. You must want a thing hard enough before you can get it. You must want it more than you do the things around you. As Atkinson says "You say that you want a thing very much, and are doing everything possible toward its attainment? Pshaw! You are only playing Desire. Do you want the thing as much as a prisoner wants freedom - as much as a dying man wants life?"

  • Living Life

    Atkinson believes that most of us are "asleep at the wheel". He almost shouts at us to get our attention: "Now I wish to put LIFE into you. Many of you have been going along as if you were dead - no ambition - no energy - no vitality - no interest - no life. This will never do. You are stagnating. Wake up and display a few signs of life! Put a little life into your work - into your pleasures - into yourself. Stop doing things in a half-hearted way, and begin to take an interest in what you are doing, saying and thinking. It is astonishing how much interest we may find in the ordinary things of life if we will only wake up".

  • Habits

    Atkinson urges us to be on guard at all times to prevent the forming of undesirable habits. There may be no special harm in doing a certain thing today, or perhaps again tomorrow, but there may be much harm in setting up the habit of doing that particular thing. If you are confronted with the question: "Which of these two things should I do?" the best answer is: "I will do that which I would like to become a habit with me".

  • Mental Leaks

    Following on from his exhortation to live life, Atkinson despairs at our lack of focus and commitment. He refers to this as mental leaks: "The leakage I am now referring to is that occasioned by the habit of having the attention attracted to and distracted by every passing fancy. In order to attain a thing it is necessary that the mind should fall in love with it, and be conscious of its existence, almost to the exclusion of everything else. So don't get into the habit of permitting these mental leaks. Keep your Desire fresh and active, and let it get in its work without interference from conflicting desires. Keep in love with the thing you wish to attain - feed your fancy with it - see it as accomplished already, but don't lose your interest. Keep your eye on the main chance, and keep your one ruling passion strong and vigorous. Don't be a mental polygamist - one mental love is all that a man needs - that is, one at a time".

  • Energy and Invincible Determination

    Energy and invincible determination - these two things will sweep away mighty barriers, and will surmount the greatest obstacles. And yet they must be used together. Energy without determination will go to waste. Lots of men have plenty of energy - they are full to overflowing with it; and yet they lack concentration - they lack the concentrated force that enables them to bring their power to bear upon the right spot. Others who have plenty of energy, fail to direct it by the power of the Will toward the desired end. "Invincible determination" - those are the words. If you have something to do, get to work and do it. Marshal your energy, and then guide and direct it by your Will - bestow upon it that "invincible determination" and you will do the thing.

    As Atkinson says "Energy and Invincible Determination: - aren't they magnificent words? Commit them to memory - press them like a die into the wax of your mind, and they will be a constant inspiration to you in hours of need. If you can get these words to vibrating in your being, you will be a giant among pygmies. Say these words over and over again, and see how you are filled with new life - see how your blood will circulate - how your nerves will tingle. Make these words a part of yourself, and then go forth anew to the battle of life, encouraged and strengthened. Put them into practice. "Energy and Invincible Determination" - let that be your motto in your work-a-day life, and you will be one of those rare men who are able to 'do things'".

    And I have to agree with Atkinson that Invincible Determination works, for I have experienced it first hand!. For my birthday last year I was given a beautiful windsock which hangs on our balcony, right where I can see it when I'm sitting having a cup of tea. It's about 5 feet long and has beautiful brilliant colours. I love it, and I was horrified to get up one morning and notice immediately that it wasn't there. We had had an extremely windy day the day before, and the wind had remained high throughout the night.

    I immediately searched high and low for the windsock, even craning up at all the trees to see whether the wind had blown it up high and it had been caught in some branches. The windsock is so bright and colourful, I wouldn't have been able to miss it, but there was no sign of it. I was heartbroken. I did a little meditation and I insisted that the wind that had taken my windsock away had to bring it back the same way. I would expect to find it the next morning. Now the keyword here is insist – I wouldn't take no for an answer. Even though my logical brain told me that it wasn't possible for the wind to blow the windsock back to me, I treasured that thing so much that I refused to see reason. I focused again on my windsock just before going to sleep, and reiterated my thought that it had better be there in the morning or else!

    And it was – lying in the middle of the driveway as if it had never been away.

Atkinson exhorts us to not undervalue ourselves or others. He says "Realize that you are made of good stuff, and that locked within your mind are many good things. Then get to work and unfold those good things, and make something out of that good stuff. Do this by attention to the things before you, and by giving to each the best that is in you, knowing that plenty of more good things are in you ready for the fresh tasks that will come".

In one of the later chapters of this book, Atkinson touches on the subject of claiming your own. He notes that many of us push away our hearts desire at the last moment as we feel we are not worthy of it. Atkinson tells us ". I want to call your attention to the fact that nothing is too good for YOU - no matter how great the thing may be - no matter how undeserving you may seem to be. You are entitled to the best there is, for it is your direct inheritance. So don't be afraid to ask - demand – and take. The good things of the world are not the portion of any favored sons. They belong to all, but they come only to those who are wise enough to recognize that the good things are theirs by right, and who are sufficiently courageous to reach out for them. Many good things are lost for want of the asking. Many splendid things are lost to you because of your feeling that you are unworthy of them. Many great things are lost to you because you lack the confidence and courage to demand and take possession of them".

There is nothing that is too good for you - not a thing. The best there is, is not beginning to be good enough for you; for there are still better things ahead.

As a final word, Atkinson tells us to fall in with the operations of the law and to make it a part of ourself. "Get into its currents. Maintain your poise. Set your mind to the keynote of Courage, Confidence and Success. Get in touch with all the thoughts of that kind that are emanating every hour from hundreds of minds. Get the best that is to be had in the thought world. The best is there, so be satisfied with nothing less. Get into partnership with good minds. Get into the right vibrations. You must be tired of being tossed about by the operations of the Law - get into harmony with it".

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Mind Power

mind power

Mind Power was written in 1908 and expounds on the theories outlined in some of Atkinson's previous works. As the Publisher notes in the Foreword "We take the greatest pleasure in presenting this latest and best work from the pen of William Walker Atkinson. It embodies the essence of years of thought, study, and experiment on the part of its author whose original research, discoveries, and writings along these lines have given him his worldwide reputation as an authority. It is his Masterpiece. A portion of its material was used in two of the author's previous works ...... this foundation material has been edited; added to; changed; improved; and corrected by the author, in accordance with his increased experience and knowledge of the subject. Obsolete matter has been replaced by entirely new material, and the work is now strictly "up-to-date". It is encyclopedic in extent and character, every phase of the subject being considered by the author and expressed in words charged with his dynamic vitality. It contains matter that well might have been expanded into several volumes".


Mind Power demonstrates that each of us, and indeed all life, has the mind power to influence our own lives. Atkinson start by retracing some of the lessons in Dynamic Thought in relation to atoms and particles.

He then moves on to animal life, and relates how animals, even insects, can communicate with each other 'telpathically". As an example, he relates the story of an American Professor who had placed a breeding cage of ants inside a stone cellar with walls 16" thick. Upon returning home one day he noticed a swarm of ants on the outside of the stone wall, exactly where the breeding cage was located on the inside. As an experiment, he moved the cage to the opposite wall, and when he left the house to check the outside walls, the ants on the outside had moved to the opposite wall, as if they knew exactly where the other ants were!

Similar stories are provided to demostrate how higher level animals use their mind power, including snakes that seemingly charm or fascinate their prey.

And on to the human race, where he relates many stories of human use of mind power, including ancient mystics, Indian Fakirs, and healers. But he points out that mind power can be used for good or evil purposes, and warns "and just as Mind-Power is brought into operation through the prayers of the faithful of all religions, before their shrines, images and holy objects, so may the force be brought into operation through the fetishes, conjurations, enchantments, charms, spells and devil-worships of the ignorant and depraved minds. The secret is this: The power does not come from the supposed source, but from within the mind of the man employing it. And, still more startling, to the uninitiated, is this statement, which is equally true: The power of the mind of the person affected is the real cause of the effect, rather than the power of the mind of the supposed causer, the latter merely calling into operation the power of the mind of the person affected".

Atkinson then goes on to explain how mind power works, and how we can best use it.

  • Mentative Poles

    Atkinson explains that the brain is in the nature of a "transformer" of the Universal Mind-Power. The brain cannot create Mind-Power; its office is merely to "transform" or "convert" the existent energy into usable forms and phases. And, according to Atkinson "there is evident in the manifestation of Mind-Power, in any and all forms, two distinct poles, or phases......I shall call these two Mentative Poles respectively "The Emotive Pole" and "The Motive Pole". The Emotive Pole manifests actively as Desire-Force, and the Motive Pole manifests actively as Willpower".

    He goes on to liken "the two phases of Mind-Power, i.e. Desire-Force and Will-Power, to the physical phenomena of magnetism and electricity respectively. Desire-Force, like magnetism, manifests in a drawing, pulling, attracting power; while Will-Power, like electricity, manifests in a pushing, compelling, driving power. Desire-Force, like magnetism, tends to draw things inward and to itself; while Will-Power, like electricity, tends to drive things outward and away from itself. This dual manifestation of energy is seen all through Nature in all of its manifold forms and conditions. There is ever the drawing in to a center - and there is ever the pushing outward from the center. And this law manifests upon the mental plane as well as upon the physical plane".

  • Desire

    DESIRE is the great inciting power of the mind. Desire is "that which incites to action". And you always act upon the strongest desire - subject always to the restraining influence of the reason, and the restricting or impelling influence of the will. Desire originates in the sub-conscious regions of the mind, and often we can feel her there, before she emerges into consciousness, stirring us up with feelings of vague discontent and unrest. And not only does desire incite us to action - move us to accomplish its ends, but it also, when sufficiently strong, surges out from our minds in great waves and clouds of invisible and subtle energy or force, and travels here and there toward the object of its inner urge - affecting, attracting, drawing, forcing the desired thing into submission to its cravings and demand.

  • Will Power

    The will acts as the arouser, director, restrainer, concentrator, and manager of the great occult force of desire. What is generally known as Will-Power is often in reality merely Desire-Force strongly concentrated and directed to a focus by the power of the will. Often when you hear Will-Power spoken of, whatever is attributed to it is really said of and attributed to Desire-Force controlled, directed, and focused by will. The effort of the will is operated in the direction of this directing, focusing, concentrating, etc., and in the degree that the will is trained to do this so is the degree of "Will-Power" of the individual. Atkinson urges us to think of to the Desire-Force as the warm, ardent, fiery, forceful energy underlying the manifestations of Mind-Power; and of the Will-Power as the cold, keen, strong, directing, controlling projector of the energy.

  • Resisting Others' Vibrations

    With so many vibrations out there, Atkinson enhorts us to protect ourselves from vibrations which are stronger than our own. "Bring a person from a quiet place into a bustling, active city, and he is apt to be swept off his feet at first with the "spirit of the place" - he will either be swept into its prevailing life with an almost irresistible impulse, or else he will be repelled by reason of the inharmonious mentative currents. In either case, however, he will be intensely aware of the vibrations. But, the same man, after a time, will fail to be so affected - he will be better able to resist the vibrations and will manage to live with a greater peace and poise than at first, although he will, of course, alter his nature more or less in harmony with the prevailing tone of the place. He will "feel" the vibrations less as time goes on. Some people have so developed this resisting power that they are almost immune, while others have so little power of resistance that they are swept here and there by each strong wave of mentative energy that reaches them - they are always in some field of induction and being swayed by its vibrations".

  • Don't Just Think - Feel

    Atkinson despairs at those who think they can repeat affirmations and all will be well. He tells us to "remember, first, last, and all the time, that it is not a mere matter of thinking - but a matter of feeling. Thoughts are cold, but feelings are warm, alive and vital. Therefore you must not merely think "I Am Strong", or say it like a parrot - but you must stir up your nature to its depth, until you can really feel that you are indeed strong and possessed of the radiant energy of mentative force. Feeling is living thought......To create a thing you must want it with a burning, eager want that brooks no denial - backed up by a will that knows no such word as "can't" or "no"."

    And also "you have been making your statements and affirmations in the same spirit, and now feel disappointed because "nothing happened". Of course nothing happened; how could it be otherwise? I have said over and over again - and now say it over again another time - that the words of themselves are nothing; the real virtue lies in the feeling behind the words. If there is no feeling there is no result. In order to get the results you must erect the framework of words, and then build around it the structure of feeling, and expectation, and visualization. That's the way to do it. The words are merely the skeleton - the flesh and blood are the feelings and materialized visualizations

  • Mental Framework

    In order to assist us in creating a positive mental atmosphere, Atkinson gives us a verbal framework, however he advises us that we " must build around it the mental picture, which in turn produces the mental atmosphere".

    1. I surround myself with an atmosphere of success.
    2. I am positive. I have a strong will. I make a positive impression on those coming into my mental atmosphere.
    3. I am fearless - absolutely fearless - nothing can harm me.
    4. I kill out all worry and discouragement - I radiate hope, cheerfulness and good nature. I am bright, cheerful and happy, and make all around me feel the same way.
    5. I am well poised, calm and self-controlled.
    6. I have a perfect mastery over my temper, emotions and passions, and all recognize this to be a fact.
    7. I am at ease here, and all bashfulness and timidity has departed. I am calm, at ease and feel at home.
    8. People like me - I am surrounded with a mental atmosphere that causes people to like me.
    9. I am master of my surroundings - nothing disturbs me - nothing affects me adversely - I am master.
    10. I am surrounded with a mental atmosphere of protection. No one's adverse thoughts, currents or suggestions can penetrate this protective armor. I am safe from mental attacks. I am safe, strong and positive.
  • The Ocean of Mind Power

    Atkinson also offers a very powerful visualisation technique called the ocean of mind power. He asks us to "Picture to yourself a great Ocean of Mind-Power. If you are unable to grasp the idea, then do the next best thing, and think of this mental ocean as a great sea of energy. Or if you prefer, think of it as the great Universal Ether filling all space.....Then think of a tiny center of power being formed in this great Mind-Power Ocean - a little whirlpool, so tiny that the strongest microscopes can scarcely distinguish it. Then see countless numbers of similar whirlpools being formed in this Ocean. These little whirlpools we will call centers of power.....Then picture each one of these centers manifesting vibrational activity, and thus converting and transforming the mentative energy from the Ocean of Mind-Power. And then see them sending out waves, and currents of mentative energy, which induce similar vibrations or mental states in other centers. Then see some of the strong, positive centers, setting up great rotating currents, resembling whirlpools in the body of the Mind-Power Ocean, which extend further and further out from the center, and affect other centers far away from it. If you will examine your picture more closely, you will see that these rotary currents are continually drawing to the centers the things, and persons, and ideas that they are attracting by reason of their particular rate of vibration, while things of different vibrations seem to be comparatively unaffected by the currents. This and other things you may see in your picture as it grows clearer to you. And, in addition to these currents, you see great waves traveling out in certain directions, toward certain objects to which they have been directed. In short, you see all the phenomena of the ocean of water reproduced in this Ocean of Mind-Power. You see the picture of the circulation of Mind-Power. You see the forming and growing and evolution of centers of activity and mentative energy.....And when you come to look a little closer at your picture, you will see that each one of these centers of energy seems to have two poles of activity, one of which acts in the direction of impelling, driving, pushing, forcing, urging, directing, etc., the action being always "outward"; and the other acting in the direction of drawing, pulling, attracting, coaxing, alluring, charming, leading, etc., the action always being "inward". One seems to be a masculine force, the other a feminine force. One seems to act as Will-Power; the other as Desire-Force".

  • Visualisation

    According to Atkinson "the secret of visualization lies in the occult and psychological principle that "as is the mental matrix, so is the mental form; and as is the mental form, so is the physical materialization". In other words, the visualized mental image is the matrix or mould into which the Mind-Power is poured, and from which it takes form; and around this mental image the deposit of materialization forms - and thus does the ideal become the real. If you wish to get the best effects from Mind-Power you must create a mental image around which the material or physical materialization is formed - and the way to form the proper mental image is by visualization, which thus builds up the matrix or mould in which the Mind-Power pours. And as is the matrix so is the image, and as is the image so is the materialization. Before you can draw to you the material needed for building up the things or conditions you desire, you must form a clear mental image of just what you want to materialize - and before you can make this mental image, you must realize mentally just exactly what you do desire. And the process of this is called visualization. That is, you build up a mental matrix or mould, little by little, until you have it before you clearly - until it stands out clearly formed as a mental image, just as you would see it if it were actually materialized. Then you must hold this mental image before you constantly, regarding it not as a mere imagination, but as a something real which you have created in your mind, and which will proceed to surround itself with the material necessary to give it material objectivity, or materialization".

    "If you cannot see the whole thing at first, as a mental image - that is, if you are not able to build up a complete matrix by visualization, then do the next best thing - which is the very best thing for the majority of people - and build a matrix of the first step toward the whole thing, that is, the first thing that is needed. Then concentrate upon this first thing until the mental image stands out sharp and clear, and you will find that things have been started in motion. Then, you may add little by little to your matrix, and build up your mental image a little larger and in greater detail. And here is an important thing. You must mentally see the thing as actually existing, right now, and not as "going to exist" later on. You must realize that the mental image exists right now, else it will lack clearness and effectiveness. You must pour into that mental image a constant supply of strong, positive Desire-Force, and Willpower, all of which will spread out in the proper directions and affect the material needed to materialize your mental image".

  • The Triple Key of Attainment

    The key to effective visualisation is

    1. You must desire a thing most intensely;
    2. then you must earnestly expect it:
    3. then you must use your will in the direction of action tending to bring it about.
  • Banish the Fear

    Atkinson notes that "I would remind you to always realize that you are centers of living mental energy in the great Ocean of Mind-Power. And that you are strong in the degree that you are positive. And that you are positive in the degree that you are an individual. And you are an Individual in the degree that you realize that you are a "center of living will", There is nothing to fear but fear - you are capable of asserting your individuality always, and everywhere - your only chains are those you forge for yourself - you are free right now, here, and always. Do not be deluded by the petty things of personality that pass away and perish over-night – but rest serene and firm in the consciousness that you are an individual living will center; and fear not to assert the individual "I". There is no Devil but fear - nothing but fear can keep you from your own heritage and birthright. Assert the "I" and banish fear".

  • Healing

    Atkinson discusses the phenomenon of mental healing, and notes that "to tell the truth, I earnestly believe that the one great potent factor in mental healing is the removal of fear from the mind of the patient, by whatever means it may be accomplished, whether by reason, argument, faith, hope, or even by superstition. Fear is the most negative of the mental states, and simply paralyzes the whole system. Fear and worry actually poison the cells of the body. This is a scientifically demonstrable fact. And if this pall of fear can be lifted by any means, then a big step in the direction of a cure has been effected. And hope, confidence, and belief, will lift that pall. That is why I believe in everything from Bread Pills to "C. S.", as I said a few minutes ago - whichever agency induces the greater degree of hope, belief, confidence, and expectancy, is the best for the particular case. But in all cases the principle of cure is the same - mind". And goes on to explain how we can help ourselves and others using certain techniques.

  • See, Do, Say

    According to Atrkinson "the mere use of "affirmations", "auto-suggestions" or even strong, positive suggestions given by another, forms only one-third of the work necessary in order to produce the best results. It is all very well to assert "I am Brave", "I am Industrious", "I am Active", etc., etc., but if the work stops there it remains only one-third done. It is true that these affirmations and auto-suggestions undoubtedly do stimulate and develop mental faculties and brain-centers, and play an important part in character building. But in order that they be used to the best advantage there must be visualization, and there should be a certain physical acting out of the mental suggestions or affirmation. There must be seeing and doing as well as saying....."mental states take form in physical action", and its twin-truth that "physical action produces mental states". It is a case of action and reaction in both instances".

  • Play the Part

    According to Atrkinson what is called auto-suggestion, or self-suggestion, is one of the most active agencies employed in Mind Building, so "If you wish to cultivate a quality in which you are deficient, you must think about it, dream about it, concentrate upon it - live it out in your thoughts as a "day-dream" or "mental picture" - hold the visualized mental image of it always with you - and last and equally as important, if not more so, act out the physical manifestations of it - play the part out. Act your part, earnestly, ardently, constantly, eagerly, steadily. On the other hand, if you wish to repress a quality, the best way to do it is to cultivate the opposite quality, and the undesirable quality will be "crowded out". If you wish to get rid of darkness in a room, you don't have to shovel it out - just open the windows and "let a little sunshine in". Prof. James has told you the same thing in the quotation given a few moments ago; it is psychological law. Kill out the negative by cultivating the positive. That's the rule! But don't forget to act out the part!".

  • Incentive to Action

    In order to grow our desire it is necessary to "hold up to it the mental image of the things to be desired, and the Desire-Force within him flows forth, and manifests more and more energy according to the stimulus. Desire-Force is always inherent in the person just as is Will-Power, but both need an incentive to action - a stimulus to manifestation. It is a well-known law of psychology that desire flows out and manifests itself in response to an object. This object of desire is always something that affords pleasure, satisfaction or content to the individual, or else that will rid him of pain, discontent, discomfort, or dissatisfaction .... The clearer the mental image of the object of desire, the greater will be the degree of desire manifested".

  • Develop New Habits

    In order to strengthen our will power, Atkinson urges us to develop new habits, and offers us 10 rules for doing so

    1. Get control of your physical channels of expression and master the physical expression connected with the mental state you are trying to develop.
    2. Learn to concentrate. By so doing you will be able to focus your will upon any object desired, and thus get the greatest effect.
    3. In acquiring a will-habit use every occasion in order to repeat the effort of the will along the lines of the habit.
    4. The greatest struggle is at the beginning of the practice or formation of a new will-habit.
    5. Endeavor to fix the habit as a strong mental impression by any and every means that suggest themselves to you.
    6. "Look before you leap", and "Be sure you're right, then go ahead". Always take a good look at a thing before plunging in.
    7. Keep the mind filled with mental pictures of the thing which you wish to become a habit, for by so doing you are constantly adding oil to the flame of desire - and desire is the cause of the manifestation of will.
    8. Act out the habit as often as possible, and as well as possible.
    9. Practice doing disagreeable things. This will strengthen the will wonderfully.
    10. Cultivate fixity of purpose. The man of strong will must learn to see an object ahead of him and then to "want it hard enough", and then to fix his will upon it and hold it there, while he moves to it in as straight a line as possible.

Atkinson closes by saying "I have tried to infuse my words with the strong, vital energy, which I feel surging through me as I write out this message of strength to you. I trust that these words will act as a current of verbal "electrons", each carrying its full charge of dynamic power. And I trust that each word will act to so fill you with the Mind-Power that gave them birth, and will thus awaken in you a similar mental state, desire and will, to be strong, forceful, and dynamic - determined to assert your individuality in being and doing that which the universal creative desire and will is hoping that you will be and do. I send to you this message charged with the very dynamic vibrations of my brain, as it transforms and converts the Mind-Power into thoughts and words. I send it to you - yes, you, who are now reading the words - with all the energy, force and power at my command to the end, that it may pierce your armor of indifference, fear, and doubt, and "I Can't". And that reaching into your heart of desire, it may fill you with the very spirit of individuality, conscious ego-hood, perception of reality, and realization of the "I". So that from hence on your battle cry will be changed, and you will plunge into the thick of the fight, filled with the Berserker rage, like the Icelandic hero of old, and shouting your positive cry of freedom," I Can; I Will; I Dare; I Do!" you will mow your way clear through the ranks of the horde of ignorance, and negativity, and reach the heights beyond. This is my message to you - the individual!".

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